The Cosmic Clock

Your Soul's Journey through Life

Today, many people think the future can be divined by the position of the stars, moon and planets. In their search for compatibility people will ask, "What sign are you?" Some use astrology to identify the positive and negative traits of a person. They look for the perfect partner, choose their careers, embark on a journey, and for some, it even rules everything they do and don't do in life. But, mundane astrology can be very limiting.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of initiation and self-transformation. In today's fast-changing world people are looking for the tools and techniques that will help them meet the challenges of the spiritual path. The Cosmic Clock is the key!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet1 began teaching the principles of the Cosmic Clock almost forty years ago. Different from traditional (mundane) astrology, the clock is a science that uses an inner astrology.

The Cosmic Clock describes the soul's journey through life. Using the science of the clock, you can chart the cycles of personal and planetary karma and plan for your spiritual initiations. You can even keep track of your daily progress as you balance and expand your chakras and spiritually transform and grow in grace. There's no limit to how you can use the clock!

The teachings of the Divine Mother on charting the cycles of the cosmic clock are among the most liberating you may ever read. As you learn to understand your past and anticipate your future, I sincerely pray that you will take these teachings and use them for your own freedom and your ascension in the light.2

These pages are a brief introduction to the Cosmic Clock and can only touch upon the subject. The depth of the teachings and the knowledge to be gained are truly incredible. To learn more please see our further study page.



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